Sunday, July 29, 2007

HGTV Star in Saluda

Saturday's workshop with Louise McClure
was a sure HIT for all those in attendance.
Each of the eight participants created a
multitude of charms made from mica,
metal, paper, bone, buttons and transfers.
Louise showed off her work with
wire wrapping on layered necklaces
that she has done for various
publications, ETV, HGTV and book
contributions. We were taken back
by all that we could do in one class
and of course, by popular opinion,
Louise was asked to come back. I
suggested a " cold connection" workshop
on a weekly basis here at the shop.
Anyone interested should get in touch with me.

While all this was going on in the classroom I decided to work with this new stamp from Tin Can Mail and wholey paper to create some new ATC images for my trade book. Come on everyone, you know what ATC's are!
I have six more very cool ones to trade so anyone that gets here first has first chance at choosing which one they want in trade.

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  1. Hey look! It's Marny! Hi Marny! E me will ya?