Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stay away

It's a busy week in Saluda with Coon Dog Day approaching this Saturday, July 7th, and if you don't like crowds, and I mean "ccrrrrroooooowwwwwwdddddds, than stay away from Saluda on Sat. July 7th. Every year someone tries to get to the shop on that day forgetting that this crazy event is going on and is stopped at the interstate by "local police" and police wannabees telling them that all the roads are closed.... and they are! WE ARE CLOSED that day for a very good reason, so, "fair warning" to all those that don't need to swelter in the heat with the maddening crowds and the loud sirens of at least 50 fire trucks from the area. Enjoy your day somewhere else and come back to see us the following week when you can park in front of our shop and walk right in.
By the way, I started a new blog featuring our house that is for sale here in Saluda. I am not going to do any posting about it on this site so if you want any information you can email me.


  1. Well, Jane, hard to believe that I've lived in this neck of the woods for a few years and had never heard of Coon Dog Day. Will wait until I see you to get the low-down. And thanks. Forewarned is fore-armed (or whatever that saying is).



  2. Jane,
    Best of luck selling your house...and what fun looking ahead at what's next! Have a great Coon Dog Day!