Friday, December 28, 2007

mmmmmm gooooood

McFarlan's old fashioned bakery in Hendersonville, North Carolina is an addictive place, just ask Cheryl Prater. She is quite fond of the macaroons but I personally like (love) the cinnamon bear claws.... (or cinnamon bobka as I like to refer to these scrumptious morsels of heavenly delight)
After a brief & unexpected visit to the ER this past Sat morning, it was early enough to avoid the shopping crowds in downtown Hendersonville and stop by for a quick munchie. Oh my goodness, fresh out of the oven and only 2 bites for me this time, but once I recovered a bit I had to go back for more on Monday. How many did I get, you ask? Not 1, not 2, not3 but 4 . Four Cinnamon Bear Claws! One is definitely big enough to split so that's what we did and now there are 3 left for later. (maybe) So, if you are ever in the Hendersonville area stop by McFarlan's bakery on Main Street for an absolutely decadent and delightful non fat, fat free, low cal (LOL) taste of ... anything ..... right out of the oven. Yummmm.
I don't work there or have relatives that work there or have any monetary interest in this establishment. Purely a gastronomical attraction.

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  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    My husband, Paul and I were in your shop on the 27th of December. I had heard wonderful things from a friend of mine that had been there a couple of years ago. We are from eastern NC and do not get to the mountains often, but spent Christmas there and had a chance to visit with his son in Greenville, SC. Sorry that I did not get to meet you that day and to hear you were in the ER the next. I will definitely come back sometime. In fact, I told my husband that we should have stayed in Saluda for Christmas...charming town, charming store with great ideas!