Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Cone -activity" Get it?

The cones are appearing out of nowhere, everywhere, here and there and they get better and better. Pretty soon it will be enough for a "cone show" here at Random Arts. I am lovin' it guys and if any of you might want to commit to participate, let me know. The only thing is I get to keep the cone, at least until the cone show. Who knows what might come of all of this? Another article in CPS? Hmmmm. That's quite an idea.
In the meantime here is a glimpse of Meg Fowler's contribution.... Her piece is completed covered with fabric and silk ribbon embroidery. Each hand stitched part of this exquisite work of art sparkles with creative energy and love for what she does. I can just see her high atop her mountain in that cozy little cabin, sitting back in her comfy chair, listening to a crackling fire, gently piecing her silk ribbons onto the delicate silk base. Each piece tells her story, especially this one, how she was expecting her daughter to have a baby girl for 8 months and then found it was a boy... so all the girl colored quilts and projects got set aside for future generations and she had to scurry around to complete the right things for that baby boy. Thus the abundance of soft pinks, lilac and whites in her stash of lovely fabrics.
PS. She made the tassel too!

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