Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nothing is stopping me now!

Inspiration from Marney at our holiday get together set me in motion with my very own textured book cover. It all started with the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts .
This is where Marney saw the Textured Book Wrap by Angie Hughes and gave it a try.
Once I saw hers I knew that I wanted to do my own, so I did.
The process was fairly simple although the weaving took a little time. Not too much to stop me from trying this awesome technique.
I used pieces of scrap fabric ( not scrap to me of course), some random ribbon pieces,
beautiful leftover fibers and lace.
Once the weaving was done I secured
it onto fusible interfacing and a synthetic
organdy. Synthetic because the "plastic"
part of it will melt when "torched" with a
heat tool. That was the cool part. Then I began
to sew. I decided to do a spiral
theme starting from the middle of
the piece and going outward.
That turned out pretty good since
I didn't want to end up with gloppy
fabric in the center. My way of having a "rule" of sort.
Only when it is all sewn do you start
in with the torching. The transformation
is breathtaking when the colors
from the base begin to appear through the
seared organdy.
A few little applications of design around the edges
and a handmade cord completes the design.


  1. gosh! that turned out just gorgeous ... well done ....

  2. Carolyn in Cullowhee3:22 PM

    Love it, Jane.

  3. Jane, looks terrific. Made me go back to my Cloth, Paper Scissors to take another look.

    Happy holidays!


  4. Do you offer any classes in this?