Monday, June 16, 2008

It was an exciting weekend here
with artist Katie Kendrick from
Belfair, Washington.
Her 14 x 18 piece above was sold
before it even arrived here. All
she had to do was put it on her blog
and Meg bought it!
(check out Carol Sloan's Blog for more pics
and projects from the weekend)

Katie launches into the day with
some basic information on
blending Golden paints to achieve
flesh tones for the faces.

Jean Moore (L) Lina Olson (M)
and Joyce Berger (R) look
very intent as they proceed to do
their doll faces for their folk art doll.

Angela Rand from Fairhope, Alabama
creates her unique face on canvas for
her wall hanging.

This is one of Mary Bryan Roberts'
faces that she completed in the
Fabric Wall Hanging class.

Betsy Libbey works on her face for
the Folk Art Doll.

She was quite proud of
her results.

This was the first time for many of the
participants to draw and paint faces.
Happily for everyone, we weren't into


  1. Cindy Trobaugh4:59 AM

    great pictures, Jane. Cindy T

  2. Carol Sloan12:48 AM

    You mentioned me again! I LOVE Betsy's face...look at those expressive eyes, beautiful! I wish I had of been there! Katie is One Awesome Artist, isn't she? When I come back in my next life, can I be her? Or one of her dolls? Can I, huh? Ohhhh, I might want to be Random Arts Shop actually...lots of comapny, new stuff all the time and YOU are there!
    Sign me up baby...