Friday, June 06, 2008

My favorite ATC's

I just loved these 2 ATC's that were created by
Bobbie Kittner from DC.
Come to find out, she is a graphic designer!
She used our wholey paper as part
of the process however it's the
the design and composition that
intrigued me the most. First of
all she used a very heavy 300#
water color paper as the base
and then created her collage in
the center. Her color choice is
warm and it all seems to
work really really well.
An antique glossy finish
was applied over the top
giving it a cohesive & well
put-together work of art.
Imagine these as a huge wall hanging
either in fabric or paper.
One would never know that these are
tiny little 2.5 x 3.5 ATC's.
Thank you, for being so generous
with your work.

Below right and left
are two that I created after
admiring her work for the last few weeks.
My artist friend, Sa Smith, created the one
in the center. She is a water color artist
and teacher and working with this medium
challenged her somewhat, although you
would never know it!


  1. i especially love your black bird collage ....

  2. Cindy Trobaugh4:45 AM

    Is the black frame part of the ATC or is the graphic part the ATC size? Cindy T

  3. I did a collage, smaller than an ATC, and then mounted it on black
    card stock. Pretty simple, huh?
    wanna trade?