Friday, June 20, 2008

Gifts, Thank You's & More Pics

Thank you Katie Kendrick for
this delightful creation. Is it a fish?
A doll? A worm? A funky folk art doll?
No matter what
it is, I love it and I SO
appreciate Katie's thoughtfulness.
This will find a good home in
my studio.
While Katie was here in Saluda she taught
a Funky Folk Art Doll workshop
which included her quick & easy
lessons on how to paint these unique faces.

Above is Meg Fowler's completed
doll, although her creation is a
not really a doll, it's Sunshine,
a local raccoon that finds
food and shelter on top of
her mountain near Saluda.
There's plenty of stories about
her raccoons that she is happy to
tell including the one about this
sad little gal that lost part of her
tail recently... poor baby.
I think that Meg made up for
that loss with the multitude
of beads and baubles that
she hand sewed on this one.

Below is Sharon Kolbye's
interpretation of the Folk Art Doll.

Sharon Kolbye attended Katie's class
class as well and completed her
blooming creation the very next day.
Really really cool Sharon.

Go to Lynn Roberts' blog for
more pics & news about Katie's classes

Jean Moore of Asheville brought along
one of her sweet little paper doll creations
(Look closely, she put my name on this one)
that were published in Artful Paper Dolls.
How adorable is that? What a good
idea as a place setting for a tea party
or a bridal or baby shower.


  1. HI!
    Have you seen the pictures on Katie's blog? They all look so awesome! I can't wait until next year, I'm saving for both classes!

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    The doll on a spool is in Teeny Tiny Cards! Not Artful Paper Dolls.

    I should know.


  3. Consider me extremely "red faced" on that "faux pas". I went to all that trouble to make sure that I got it right . . . then got it wrong. Sorry Terry, Sorry Jean. Correction is forthcoming.
    ps no secret anonymity Terry.