Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A miscommunication between us has occurred. Oh well...
just change the dates for Patti's , GoldenPaints
from "friday and saturday"
Saturday August 23rd and
Sunday August 24th
in Saluda
at the Senior Center.
This is Patti Brady's second year here at random arts!
She is the Golden Working Artist Program Director
and last year we just couldn't bear to have the day end
so we scheduled her for this 2 day big event.

Here is the description of this 2 day event. Yes, it is a 2 day workshop inclusive.

In this two day workshop we will explore a multitude of surfaces created
with gels and grounds. I'll cover new digital grounds that allow you to print images on a multitude of flat surfaces: non-porous papers, acetate, acrylic skins, even aluminum foil. We will cover some of the technical challenges of working with inkjet printers and explore ideas for incorporating these images with gels, in a textured collage. Explore inventive combinations of images and acrylic gels in unique and surprising applications. This workshop will be all about "ideas" not necessarily creating an end project.

Our space at the Senior Center is big, it's well lit and it's air conditioned.
and... there's a catered lunch every day and
there's pastries and coffee early at
the shop.

How could you ask for more. Don't miss out on
this 2 day event. You're bound to learn a whole
bunch of stuff that will be jam packed into 2
days! The cost? Only $195. for 2 full days.
You can register by calling us at 828=749-1165
or you can email us to register
you can paypal the amount to us.
First come first serve! Register early to be sure that you are IN!

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