Thursday, February 24, 2011

Room for words

It always amazes me that
the possibilities for adding color
to a page in my moleskin journal, are endless.
One of my favorite materials to use for
adding color is the Peerless Watercolor

paper sheets. Each sheet of paper is saturated
with watercolor so it's easy to pick
up color and transfer it to my journal page.

Every page of my
journal has some sort
of color added to it
with lots of
space for adding words.

If the pages have color
it's much easier to
work on that surface
other than a plain white page.
Looks like these two pages were done at
the same time.
So, whenever the mood strikes,
I have some pages that are ready
for notes, thoughts, ideas,
or simple scribbling.

1 comment:

  1. Jane, thanks so much for sharing with us about the water color paper...looks fantastic; I'll have to try some......Your journal pages are awesome.....

    I didn't see an email address for you so I am going to ask my question here on your post. Do you know of any classes concerning wet felting or projects with wet felting in the area? Thanks so much