Saturday, February 14, 2009

V - Day is near!

What makes your heart sing?

Is it color?





With Meg Fowler, it's all of the above and more.
Just look at the vivid colors and rich textures
that she added to her piece.
The tree is "touchable". . .
with hand made papers and paints so
real that "you want to touch it".

How about that little Tweetie poking it's head
out from the reverse page?
The poem that Meg added really makes
one think about the world around us.
Thank you Meg for being a part of
our journal challenge. YOU are "Tweet".

Mary Wilken from Charlotte
chose a totally different palette with
jewel tones & joy.
It is always a "joy" to see Mary
and have her participate in our
ongoing projects.

Mary even chose to use the perimeter
of the bird for more "tweet" fun on the
reverse side of her page.
Wait and see what Mary's daughter
Rachael has done for her page.... to be continued.


  1. To all the artists who made pages:

    If you have not seen these lovely "Tweets" in person ... mounted in Jane's shop ... you have truly missed a Sweet Treat. These photos don't even BEGIN to show the beauty of each page. I spent today (well, yesterday now) drooling over all the talent this book is going to hold. I just hope it makes tons of money for Art For Life. Somebody is going to bid for and own a real treasure!!! Meg

  2. This could not have been said in a better way. Thanks Meg for your thoughtful comments on these works of art. I hope everyone reads it and makes a trip to Saluda to see them.