Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the beginning -

It all started with an idea...
A little "sweet tweet" of an idea
when I was up in Chicago at Christmas.

I had these little notes that I had written on
a place mat from the Hyatt Place Hotel.
  1. die cut a bird
  2. add a heart
  3. start a journal challenge
  4. send out a call for artists
  5. auction it off on ebay
  6. proceeds go to a good cause.....
So, there you go, it started then and here's out
it continued....

Here are the little birdies being born in the die cut machine

And here they are, all laid out waiting for flight to you.

All addressed and ready to go

And back they come to us, all completed and
ready to be posted on our wall &
bound into a book.
In order for everyone visiting to understand our
project I posted a description as well as
a bird and a heart.

You know, I still questions about how it all began
but it goes to show you that there has been
a lot of interest in our work. And
we even have a follower in England.
Check out Ann's blog.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Dear Jane, I cannot believe that you have put a link to my English blog in your posting; but thank you so much. It is quite a story as to how I came to be following your blog: it all started about two years ago this Spring when my very dear friend and guiding spirit (Kristin Steiner) said she was going to Saluda to a weekend workshop at your Random Arts entitled something along the lines of 'Passport to Creative Play' - I cannot recall whether you or she was teaching this but I 'followed along' here in England. I was very knew to all this and spent the time experimenting and planning; and as is my usual wont, making endless sketches and notes. Much has happened since then but hearing from Kristi again regarding your ingenious bird challenge, I just had to follow. (And I love the image of you sitting making notes on an hotel place mat; I've been known to write on a stone on the beach when nothing else fell to hand.)

    Thankyou for explaining how the challenge worked, and if it is allowed, please count me in on the next one - Kristi has my postal address. Ann (from UK)

  2. Wow, thanks for the additional peeks at the sweet tweets - another incredible project thanks to an amazing person!

  3. this was a fun one. now i wish i'd included the heart.
    what's next?