Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pssst - "there's still more art to come"

Just when we think that
we have received all that we can receive...
someone walks in with their page or
the mail arrives and POOF - another page.

Betsy Libbey from Saluda brought in her
page yesterday when she attended Martine House's
"Surfaces that evolve with fibers, paints & foils workshop"
Betsy used Moda Nest fabrics attached to her
substrate and added her message of hope
along with an Emily Dickinson poem.

On the reverse, Betsy used a mask to
create her own bird image and the same
luscious colors as on the front page.
Thanks Betsy, it's a work of art.
Visit Betsy's blog for more inspiration.

The colors really pop on Jean Hawkins page,
as does the texture and the great design.
Jean is from Chattanooga, TN

A subtle bird shadow created with the
stencil was added to the glorious background,
along with a poem.
Thank you so much Jean. Love it.


  1. love every one...did you get mine yet??? ...happy valentines day a little late...rebecca

  2. Oh yes, those lovely birds facing each other with all that texture. I am getting to all of them as quick as I can. Yours is great Rebecca. Thank you for participating.

  3. just happy to know it arrived...i don't always trust the mail!!! hugs