Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last? But not least

The final 4, ( we think)!!!

The early bird caches the worm
but in this case, Sharon Roth
of Henderson, Ky survived the
ice storms and came through with her page.
So, if she can do it, so can....


Patti Edmon from Lexington, KY.

Yes, that's right, 2 of the final 3 pages
have arrived from the ice covered
region on Kentucky.
Do you think that we can excuse someone
just because they had no electric, or heat
or phone or internet for weeks at a time?
Be sure to check out Patti's blog, Altered Attic

This was another surprise entry that came
from Allison Cantley who lives in
Calvary, GA. Love those bright colors
and the use of fabrics & textures.


The last and final entry arrives in our mailbox
from Deborah Pickens from Birmingham,AL. Her
piece is done on a heavy acrylic with
her birds attached to both sides.
Very creative. huh?

Thanks so much Deborah for following through

That makes 100% "PLUS" turnaround
100% "PLUS" follow through

we are 100% complete...
except for the binding.
Does it get any better than this?
Ooops, I guess it does...
One last entry arrived today
from .... wait and see on Monday.


  1. these are all so different and inspiring. can't wait to do it again. alicia

  2. these are all so different and inspiring. can't wait to do it again. alicia

  3. Hi There Miss Jane!! It has been awhile since I ahve had a chance to stop by!! i am loving all of these glorious Journal Pages. Can't wait to see the final product!! i have signed up as a groupie so I can keep up on your next challenge!! IMUST join in!! I hope that you have had a good winter in Saluda!!

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I can't wait to see what you do with all these wonders - and have you been overwhelmed by the response to this challenge. Is it birds that inspire? What will be your next challenge ???