Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silk Ribbon Journal

...with an Italian Twist....
Here's the journal workshop that I taught in Concord, NC
last weekend at the Donna Downey Inspired Artist retreat.

The project began with a text block
that was produced in Italy at a small
printing press type business. I found
this source a while back when one
of our traditional book art instructors,
Savannah Canfield, asked me to find
these for her.
After searching near and far we found
exactly what we wanted and now
we are using them for our
recycled, repurposed and reclaimed
journal bases.

By using the recycled silk sari ribbon scraps from
factory floors in India we are able to continue
the upcycle philosophy.

Vintage buttons, again recycled, bring
more character to my journal
along with a recycled upholstery scrap
used as samples for the furniture design industry.

Each journal that was created in the 3 workshops
that I taught, was different simply because of the
ribbons, batiks, color choices and closures.

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