Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good morning from Saluda,
I had an exciting email not too long ago from artist Katie Kendrick from Washington state asking if I would be interested in having her come to Saluda to teach Feminine Icons. Right away I remembered an article featuring her artwork in the Winter '06 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors(#9). I remember sitting down and trying out her technique of drawing the faces with my non-dominant hand on phone book pages. I loved the look and her instructions were easy to follow and totally stress free. The faces were added to muslin and became art dolls. Unlike the feminine icon these shown in the article are 3 dimensional, one of a kind reflections of self.
Check out her website and give me some feedback; positive would be nice. . .


  1. Yeah! Please do bring Katie Kendrick to teach here. I would sign up for the class in a heartbeat!

  2. Count me in, Sister! I love those dolls. I have been doing the non-dom hand exercise too.