Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're in Batik heaven

All those long,luscious strips of beautiful batiks
and nothing to do with them?
Share them with the world around us and create
our own little batik heaven right here at Random Arts.
That all time favorite woven ribbon served as a great
carrier to attach all these strips of batik, and one
thing led to another and it got longer and longer.
All of sudden we had a banner and then we had
side banners and now we have leaves on the
banner and words on the leaves.

Any other suggestions?
We have more batik!


  1. Thanks, Jane! I am not sure about masterpieces but these copics are really fun. Next time I get to Greenville maybe I can drive over and shop. Would love to see everything your're doing,

  2. Love the new Batik Banner outside of the shop!! I think that I must run away to Saluda so I can take all of these workshops!! Do you think that my kids would mind ??????? HMMMMM.........
    What fabulous projects !!