Monday, August 09, 2010

Thanks Asheville. . .

Seeing all my creative muse, art friends again
was such an inspiration. All of you are so
busy, filling your days with creative adventures.
I so loved hearing about your newest
ideas and projects.

Each of you bring back so many delightful memories
of our times together on Main Street in Saluda.
We did have a great time feeding each other
with our artful thoughts, critiques and laughter.

If one of us were stuck, someone was always there
to assist us in figuring it out... and we DID figure it out.

With little bits of "blingy" inspiration
we got to where we needed to be.

Thank you girls for all that you have given me.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Jane, it was great seeing you and Jen TWO days in a row! I loved your booth/shop and wonder how you fit SO
    MUCH STUFF into that space... without it seeming crowded. THANKS for the eyelets... I can breathe again! Now on to creation. Have a great show/time in Chicago!