Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tiny creations filled with love...

When I was in Blowing Rock, these little bottles kept calling to me
and asking me to make something happen with these. Little words
on the outside of the glass were inevitable but figuring out how to
create the "top" was an ever lingering problem.
hmmm NO cork. So what? Who needs a stinkin' cork?
So, what to do? Needless to say, my supplies were limited, being
at a remote location. Hmmm. Then I found a penny size circle of
copper mesh. Ah Ha! Form it over the top of the bottle to create a
little lid and then Louise suggested that we put a head pin through
the mesh, add a bead and a loop de loop for a ribbon or chain.
The process began in creating more of these little gems, especially
finding the right words for the label. Those National Geographic magazines
have some amazing words like, barren, lifeless, 113 oxen, imagine, and
on and on and on.... Oh what fun!

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