Monday, November 01, 2010

Rusting away in Saluda

The Studio here at Random Arts was
filled with 12 very excited artists last Friday, trying
their hand experimenting with the ever changing
iron and rust makeovers of everyday objects.

Each person had a chance to coat several objects with
iron and/or copper surfacer
and while that was drying, the pre-coated
pieces were just waiting for the rust & patina
to be applied.
This is one of those classes where "patience"
comes in handy and if were short of that,
the pre-coated pieces really got the iron rusting

We applied iron refinisher to cloth leaf ribbon, aluminum
alphabet letters, manila tags, felt ribbon,
distressed cardboard boxes pieces,
buttons, wholey paper, plastic stencils and lots more.

Not only did we rust and patina a multitude of
objects, a layered collage technique using Golden Paints
was used for the pyramid box to take pieces home.

Thanks to all my little "guinea pigs" who
paid only $15 for me to test out a class that I am teaching
at Artiscape in Ohio next April.

The general consensus was "great class Jane!"

Big thanks to Valerie Summers who thought to take
pictures and was nice enough to send them to me.

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