Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tear it girlfriend, tear it!

On a cold and blustery afternoon in the mountains of
western North Carolina, 8 of us gathered to have some
fun tearing, pasting, designing and completing our
Tattered Mosaic Art Bird Collage.

And, as you can see from the pictures below, it was a complete success,
with each piece being quite different from the others.
It's truly amazing how far a few magazine pages will
go to create such interesting works of art.
Not only that, it is quite addictive as well.

• On Friday, Jan. 7th, we will be teaching this workshop from 8pm-10pm
(Just $20.)
and Floral Fragments Assemblage 6-8pm in Sanford, NC
It is so easy to create these two, translucent, lacy flowers with vintage button
and Swarovski glass pearl centers.
We will use spun polyester mixed media sheets, pre-cut in basic floral and leaf shapes, for our textile artwork.
Learn to apply text and images & build layer upon layer of colors using a magical collection of mists, water colors & alcohol inks to achieve dream~like translucent effects. By adding the secret touch, you will sculpt these lifeless shapes
into lacy petal and leaf forms.

Further enhance the edges of your shapes with dazzling dimension.
Stack the individual elements to create two, multi-layered assemblages, one with a vintage button center and another with a Swarovski glass pearl center.
You will Explore various methods of cold connections to finish your personal adornments which can be applied to pins for a grand embellishment on clothing &
unique attachments to use as accents on bracelets and necklaces.
$35 includes kit fee and all materials

on Friday, Jan 7th at our hotel, The Hampton Inn during the Quilting Arts and Mixed Media Event . Register by email

Now, on with the show.....

Carol Lee and Madelyn Butts are creating
with "purpose" on their special creations
here at the studio

Marsha DuPre is almost ready here to
add her collaged bird to her substrate.

Dee Siwek from Boca and Saluda
successfully created a very textured bird
using some favorite words and colors.
We hope that Dee, as well as Madelyn, share
their finished results with us so we can post them here.

Marsha DuPre from 96, SC made the trek
up to Saluda for an afternoon of "going outside
the box" collage workshop.

Phyllis Peterson, aka "workshop junkie"
texturized her bird collage and added lots
of vibrant colors.

Carol Lee from Greer, SC envisioned her
bird, and what it would like, way before she got to the workshop.

And, Valerie Summers had "pink" written all over
her creation before she knew it

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  1. Wow....such cool works of art. And it looked like you guys had a blast!