Thursday, July 14, 2011

Progress for the new and improved Random Arts

The big digging and moving machines arrived again yesterday to
do "their thing" at our new location in Saluda.
The guy who "drives" that thing and tells
everyone else what to do is Chris,
and he is a local Saluda guy.

So, after putting down tons of gravel they
came to lay the timbers on the perimeter.
Long, heavy timbers that they hammered
and screwed to the ground.

There was only one little scrub tree in the way
and within seconds that big machine
took it down and moved it away.
I told them that they should take a clipper
and cut each branch and let it fall . . .
Did they listen to me ? NOOOOO!

They did it their way, which turned out
to be a much faster and efficient way.
What do I know anyway?

Now, what does Paul do?
Check it out below...
He gets here and gets
out his LEVEL to see if they
did it right!
My own "Mike Holmes"

Random Arts is on the move but the parking lot is there to stay...
level or not,
that is the question.

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