Saturday, April 19, 2008

INspired Artist Photos

Jen & her sister, Flavia drove up from the
Charlotte Quilt Show and brought Joyce & I
a yummy dinner from Maggianos. I was so
happy that she got to be a part of some of those
"magicical moments" at Donna Downey's
Inspired Artist in Concord.
Speaking of moments...
Paolo Liloc recorded each and every one those
with his professional photography last weekend
and here it is - an absolutely fabulous SLIDESHOW.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    jane and joyce...i feel like i fell into heaven the moment i walked into your store at inspired!! as i told joyce (she will remember me-the "i'm not coming shopping here anymore" lady-i am SO glad that your store isn't closer to me in PA as i would be in SERIOUS finacial trouble!!! i did manage to get all my purchases from your sweet store home to my house in one piece and i cannot wait to play with it!! for sure, if i am ever near your store, i WILL be in to stock up!! how far are you from corolla (on the outer banks?) as i will be vacationing at the end of june-maybe a road trip IS in my future!!!


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