Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Have you registered yet?

Deadline for meeting me in Orvieto, Italy is only 6 short weeks so it's time
to get in touch with Kristi Steiner and get your packet of information describing
the trip.
Best of all is that I will
be teaching there in Orvieto
from Sept 21- 27th.
Join me for imaginative
paper finishes using the
inspiration from what
see, touch and smell in
and around Orvieto.

Adventures in Italy marries cultural immersion and creative expression to provide
rich, real, learning, Italian Holiday.

By slowing to the Italian pace, feeling the rhythms of the day, you appreciate the
seductiveness of the dolce vita- sweet life. Your art of craft helps you see Italy
even more acutely, providing a powerful way to filter what you are experiencing.

• Creative Expression with hands on learning
• For a Companion enjoy cultural aspects of the trip
• Culture, Wine, Food with a hands on approach

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