Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sometimes it just happens....

We can't be in 2 places at once, as much as we all
have tried to make that happen. Somethings gotta
give, so the shop in Saluda has to be closed this Sat. May 3rd
because we will be at Art and Soul in Hampton, VA.
Everyone there will be so excited to see us selling
our "assorted goods for creative mindfulness".
Live in the area? come by and see us form 7-10 on
Sat. night at the Embassy Suites on Colisseum Drive
in Hampton, VA.
Look at them, they are all looking through our 50¢ stacks of scrap fabrics!!!
It's a 3 hour frenzy of frantic shoppers
looking for the unique and out of the
ordinary "assorted goods" that we have become
known for. Do ya think that they will find something good?
In the meantime, don't try stopping by our retail shop in Saluda 'cause the doors will
be closed for the day... that's Sat. May 3rd, 2008. See ya when we get back.

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