Sunday, May 18, 2008

mystery arrival

OK who sent this to us?

a package with no return address... no note,
and our only clue is a Charlotte postmark.
Yes, there is another clue... it arrived right
after the quilt show in Charlotte.
Anyone have any more clues as to why
we received this in the mail?
Any ideas as to why someone would send
us a package containing about 20 "artgirlz"
pewter charms?


  1. FifthChildStudio5:03 PM

    How very interesting! (No, I did not send them) But maybe if you don't find'll have to use them in a future art piece and post!

    I love the photos of your class projects. Too bad I live in makes it a long commute for a workshop...but could be worth it!

  2. Many people come from hundreds of miles away to our workshops so please don't rule us out of the equation.
    We had 3 women who came from Florida to North Carolina for Michael deMengs
    workshops a couple of weeks ago. 3 women are coming from Alabama to Katie Kendricks classes in June. HOw about that?
    We welcome you with open arms.
    thanks for your comments,