Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Deadline for Orvieto Italy approaching.....

I will choose my flowers carefully...
each petal as special
as the other
each petal imperfect
each petal a wonder
with these in hand I place
them on the sill in my room
Sharing my thoughts of the
day, wandering through the
narrow streets of Orvieto.

I am getting so excited about teaching in Orvieto Italy
this Sept. and I wanted to share a few hints of what you
can expect from this awesome experience.
Notice the rich colors,
the rusted wholey paper,
the marriage of texture & design.
It's all about Orvieto.

It's all about
the journey that we will take for those
5 days through the streets and into the
caves and through the vineyards.

yourself sitting in a 300 year old
convent, peering out the aged glass windows
or feeling the breeze blow through the open
doors. Inside you are creating with abandon.
You are doing what you love in this magical place
called Orvieto. You are here with special
people who share your interests in art,
living a full life and being true to who you
really are.
Imagine bringing an olive tree leaf
into our classroom and using it for
an impression on our ever so famous
"mystery foam". Using colors
to make that impression from what
you see outside your space... bringing
it within and feeling free to create
in a nurturing atmosphere.
I am so looking forward to seeing you
in this special place.
Kristi Steiner and her husband Bill
coordinate this event perfectly for
each and everyone of us and are happy
to answer any questions you may have.
Please feel free to email her with your
questions about Orvieto, the classes,
companion day trips and more.
It's an Adventure in Italy to say the least!

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