Monday, May 05, 2008

Back from the Eastern Shore

No, not a beachy vacation but a working one at Art and Soul Retreat
in Hampton, VA. Wouldn't a nice leisurely stay at a sunny beach
resort be just the thing?
Instead Joyce and I packed up the Matrix with "assorted goods
for creative mindfulness" and headed to the Eastern Shore of VA.
Hitting a few exciting spots along the way made the trip a little less
trying. First stop: Trader Joes in Charlotte, then Chipotle in Greensboro
then on to the show.
Arriving in Hampton meant unpacking the Matrix and loading onto
a cart for an interesting ride up to the ballroom in a freight elevator.
Unpacking and getting our booth set up was another story. Between
taking classes
all day Saturday from Stephanie Lee and LK Ludwig
we rushed back and forth arranging our "goods" in just the right places
in our booth.
Low and behold and lines formed outside the market area, we completed
our last minute tasks and the crowds poured in.

After all was said and done
and we finally packed up
what was left, had a good
nights sleep and prepared to
head back home.
A quick breakfast at the embassy
suites and great conversations with
Crystal Chappell of Charlotte
helped reinforce our plans
for the upcoming year and
give us the momentum for
more successful events.
We love Crystal! What a joy
to interact with a like minded
soul who "is what she is" and has "purity of intent"

Armed with coffee and snacks we began our road trip back to Saluda with
a few intentional stops along the way that included Whole Foods in Durham,
an antique mall in Burlington, Trader Joes again in Charlotte for
Crystal's recommendations of peanut butter filled
pretzels & chile spiced mangoes. Last but not least
a "must have" Frappacino at Starbucks to hold us over.
It was a great weekend meeting new people, learning new things and
brainstorming about the future of Random Arts with new classes,
products and teachers.
It's going to be a great year at Random Arts with a few surprises, both
big and small as we make some important changes here.
Until then... the clues and secrets will be revealed a little at a time.


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I can't wait to see what you have planned for Random Arts!

  2. Hi Jane! Thanks for all your help in LK's class! I can't wait to try my holey paper (especially the city) and the stuff that makes things turn to metal. I'm so technical.

    Loved getting to know you. hope to get to Saluda to see you.


  3. Hey Toni - Your welcome. I was happy to help you out. That was a fun class and i am hoping to do more of that patina, both black and greens.
    Any questions with the iron or rust application, email me.