Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Michael deMeng - hotter than ever!!!

With his 3rd year of workshops here in Saluda,
Michael continues to be a very hot commodity
and a very very popular teacher.
( notice the palette of Michael's "ushze" Golden Paints colors)

Day 1: Assemblooks
Belinda started this day by having
an encounter with a very sharp exacto knife.
After a quick trip to the Saluda Medical Center
and 5 stitches later she was back at it
creating her version of the "assemblook".
What a trooper!

The very talented Eleanor Love from
West Palm Beach, Florida arrived early
on Thursday to "get ready" for her
big weekend with Michael.

Michael & Jen's sister, Flavia
discuss paint washes on her
geographical maps that
she used in her book.
Just look at the cover that
she chose...

Since Flavia is a geologist and has a background
with animals it only made sense to her
to use her "ushze" materials.
and look at the notes that she

Leslie Hamlin used a vintage
camera face that actually "clicked"
when she pushed the little lever.
How cool is that?
Does Jen look happy or what?
Michael shows everyone how to use
matte medium to transform the colors
and textures of his "ushze" washes on
Wholey Paper.
Greta's box of materials proved to
be a work of art in itself.

Eleanor Love's partially completed
Morpheus Box begins with
her covering the surface to
create a rich patina texture.
When all was said and done, it was all about the
process of creating and our mess
proved that to be "oh so true".


  1. Looks like you all had SOooo much fun! Would have loved to have been there...

  2. Thank you so much Jane and Jen for hosting this wonderful event! I was lucky enough to attend the Assemblooks class, and had such in inspirational day. Everyone, most specially Michael, was so sharing and supportive. I felt like my art soul grew some wings. I definitely want to come back there again - I loved Random Arts and Saluda. It is a very special corner of the world. Thank you again!