Friday, July 04, 2008

Buying trip

What have we all been waiting for since last September? You knowwwwwww.... the ATC wizard
templates from European Papers. I had to drive all the way to Columbus, Ohio to their shop to get them and of course the other bonus was getting to see Lisa Ohmer, the owner of The Columbus Center for Book Arts & European Papers. Knowing that she had a Miniature Book show in the gallery here gave me additional
incentive to make every possible effort to get here to see her shop. I met her at a
international hobby show for retailers several years ago and wanted to reintroduce
myself to her, see the show and shop shop shop. With a 3 year old grandson in tow
it was difficult to get as much time in the shop as I wanted. So this little bit of
magic was enough to hold me over until the next trip.

What a joy that was to explore, if only for a few short moments, this gem hidden in a quaint carriage house in a great little artsy area of Columbus.Not only was I able to carry back a supply of ATC wizard templates, Lisa told me
all about an ATC Swap that she is doing with some playing card type atc's that
are pre-printed and ready for you to do your magic. Anyone interested in joining
in can stop by and I will give you a set of these cards to work on.

I have more details on this that will be posted when I get back, so stay tuned
and if you want the cards, please let me know asap. I will save you a set.


  1. Looks like a fun road trip. Inspired 2009 looks good too! Are you going to CHA Chicago?

  2. Save me a set if you can!

  3. be interested to see those! check out my blog when you can - there's a little something there for you!