Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trip back home... Chicago

The city looks better than ever , especially with the addition of Millennium Park
and Navy Pier. Although the park has always been at Randolph and Michigan
it has been greatly enhanced since we lived there 14 years ago. Below is a pic
of the Lurie Gardens located in the park. Truly amazing was the sharp contrasting
textures and colors of the prairie flowers with the amazing architecture of the
the surrounding areas. The flowering perennials and grasses cover a large area
of the the park and pleasant paths allow for quiet and peaceful walks through
every nook and cranny of the area.
At night we wondered about in Streeterville, an area located along the Chicago River from
Michigan Ave to Navy Pier and took fabulous photos of every possible building and skyline
including the new trump tower that Bill from the apprentice is working on. We even stopped into that hotel along the way to lunch. The building is not completed, but interestingly enough
the hotel area is open at only $695 a night for a basic room. Every day the building grew a little more as we watched the cranes hoist i beams, lumber, glass and more to the very top.

Topping off the week was a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Even
though we didn't have tickets we boarded the heavily crowded, body to
body, squished in Red Line L to the ever famous Addison stop. Everyone
piled out of the train and into the ever popular bars in and around the filed.
We, of course, did the same at Murphys and the Cubby Bear at Clark and
Just like the "olden days" we looked for tickets only to find out that
#1 - scalping tickets is LEGAL now
#2 - there were plenty of tickets available on the street
#3 - the price isn't $1. anymore, for bleacher seats ; try $100!

Happily for all attending, except the Cinci fans, Cubs win, Cubs win, Cubs win!!!!!!!!
And I guessed the total attendance... 41,360! A win for me, too. (only cubs fans will
know what that one means)

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