Monday, August 25, 2008

Golden Paints in Saluda

Wow, what a weekend with Patti Brady! She is so amazing, so talented, so calm, so creative and ya da ya da ya da..... I could go on and on. So, now that she has taught us how to do "exactly" what she does with Golden Paints and Digital Grounds, we will be equally as talented.... or not.
2 full complete fun filled intensive days with Patti was only the start, as all of us now want to continue on this journey of making skins and slipping them through our printers.
Here we go.
First try and we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone listened really well,most of the time,
and watched intently as Patti demonstrated
several techniques using almost every possible
Golden medium out there.

One of our "lessons" was to do a color wheel
with 3 of the primary colors of Golden Paints
that Patti placed on our table. Vivian had fun
with a series of modern translucents on
a paper plate. She loved those colors with
micaceous iron oxide... (me too)

Patti looks somewhat happy to know
that the book that she has written is
complete and sent to publishing. It's due
out in December... and we are planning
a book signing of sorts for her at that time
so we will keep you posted of date and time.

Again, a multitude of techniques were demonstrated
by Patti and then of course, we got to play!

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