Friday, December 02, 2011

Holiday Cards in a hurry? This is the place!

6 fun loving and creative women joined me 
in our Fast and Easy Holiday Card workshop
yesterday at Random Arts.

For those of you that have been with us
in the past, creating holiday cards
always involved rubber stamps.

This time around we brought out handmade
papers from around the world, some current
adhesives, colorful ribbons and of course
the much needed scissors. 

There didn't seem to be much need
for "supervision or instruction" as 
everyone seemed to be bouncing their
creative energy off of each other to complete
their projects. 
 Margaret, from Saluda, SC, took advantage
of the beautiful blue and gold handmade papers
to complete this simple but elegant card.
A little red accent completes the look.

One of our regulars here at Random Arts, Marilyn,
loves using the earthy tones on her project and this
card is the perfect example of her style.

I took some time in the workshop to explain several techniques including the correct way to tear mulberry paper to get the frayed edges to look natural. 

In addition, the method of using strips of scrap paper from your stash showed everyone how to make use of those and turn them into, what I call, strip cards. It's a fast, easy and fun way to create a card in just minutes. We have assorted papers and cards coordinated in a pack to make it even easier for you at our new shop in Saluda.

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  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Oh that looked FUN! Wish I could have been there.