Friday, December 09, 2011

A new approach to dyeing silk

The Eco Printing may not be new to
some of you but when I saw it
just a few weeks ago, I was really
taken back.
It is so organic, but of course it is...
the entire dyeing process is
done with organic
materials from the earth.

Lea Nickless, from Coconut Grove, Fl
and... Saluda
has transformed other beautiful silk
scarves into these stunningly
dyed works of art.

It may be difficult to visualize the
finished piece as a scarf but just imagine
the process the process of adding olive seed pods,
yellow root, walnut hulls, and every other
imaginable living organic flora to the pot
of dyes.

Several of her hand crafted scarves are available here
at Random Arts and they would make
the "perfect" holiday gift.

Not only is Lea accomplished at this type of art,
she is also an acclaimed mixed media artist showing her
work at a number of galleries and shows in the Miami area.

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