Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dicovery Italy

Join me in Orvieto, Italy in Sept 2008 along with Kristi Steiner as we discover the authentic colors of Italy in our very own personal way. Each of us, day by day during this week in the Tuscany Region will be creating with colorful Italian papers & fibers, mysterious micas, precious pigments and fabulous fabrics as we "find our way" through our day to day discoveries to our completed project. This adventure will be relaxing, fulfilling & inspiring along with a quiet mix of self discovery ... all in a retreat like setting in Orvieto Italy.
The New York Times today has a great little travel article about Orvieto. Be sure to check it out.
Learn more about Kristi and Bill Steiner's Italy Discovery Tours and envision yourself joining us for a life changing experience.

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