Monday, November 12, 2007

Till we meet again. . .

It's been almost 2 years since our "diva" retreat with Kristi Steiner here in Saluda and can you believe that ALL of us were able to get together again to celebrate our connected spirits?
Top row from left to right
Jane, Marney, Linda, Sharon,
Middle Row
Betsy, Linda, Suzie
Bottom Row
Lauren, Kristi, Jen
Not only did we reunite,but since May of this year we have been working on a "project" to share with each other to celebrate our creative journey. Each of us created 12 - 5 x 5 mixed media squares using "trees" as our theme. So, we left our houses with 12 alike and came home from Marney's with 12 unique, artistic creations all made from our hearts with memories of our first retreat with Kristi. With Kristi, the packaging is everything. It's as good as what's inside which is what I will reveal in the days to come. Each of the 12 pieces in all their glory will be on display here on my blog.
So stay tuned for our amazingly creative journey.

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