Monday, November 26, 2007

Still on the Hill

You never know who might show up in Saluda at Random Arts and this time we met this awesome musical duo couple, Donna Stjerna & Kelly Mulhollan of "Still on the Hill".
Not only are they exceptionally nice people but SHE does altered art. She's never seen
Cloth Paper Scissors, or Somerset or any altered art magazine.... she just does it and she has a story to tell about her work too. Some of her pieces are created with the lyrics of her songs in mind and then auctioned off in their hometown in the Ozarks for local benefits. How awesome is that? She had these pants on the day that I met her and I couldn't help but start asking her all about them.... What she needs to do is start a blog so we can see all of her creations.Seemingly oblivious to the limitations of what two musicians can create, Still on the Hill has set new boundaries of originality. This duo uses traditional instruments from their home in the Ozarks (mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitar, harmonica and scrub board) as well as other exotic offerings (Moon guitar from Japan, African Mbira, and Tenor Ukulele) to create a kaleidoscope of musical color and texture:

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