Sunday, March 30, 2008

Diva Reunion photos

Just adding another photo of our fabulous and creative
adventure here in Saluda . 12 of us gathered together
again for a 2 year reunion with Kristi Steiner
here in Saluda at Snails Pace.

The weather was certainly
in our favor as several of us took a short hike
to Pearson Falls right here in Saluda.
Along the way we gathered interesting fragments from
nature to inspire our afternoon journaling and collage.


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    See please here

  2. Hi Jane-Just wanted to let you know I wrote oabout Random Arts and Saluda on 4/4 for a website I write for: I don't know when the article and pics will run, but it should be soon.
    Sorry I won't see you on this Myrtle Beach trip, maybe Hampton.

  3. Yes, we will be at Art and Soul
    in Hampton selling our Assorted Goods for Creative Mindfulness.
    We are so excited to be there. Both JOyce and I are taking classes on Sat.
    So today, 4/4 I will be able to read your article on I will definitely check it out girl!