Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saluda Shelf

Update on the shelf
Yes, the "Q" went missing the day after it was placed on the shelf
but we sort of expected that.'s gone!
We are just wondering what is going to show up next.
Each day another piece of art, nature, frivolity, garbage, what?
Who is going to add the next item? Follow up to continue with YOU
as a participant.

Look at this... Last week I cut some branches off of my
flowering quince and forsythia shrubs and brought them
into my kitchen. This is something that I had always wanted to do
but for some reason I either cut them too late or I was too early.
This year.... perfection.

Unexpected visitors to Random Arts on Saturday...
Gerard Lange -(check out the portfolio on artist books)
Art Professor at Barton College, Wilson,
NC and Amanda, a High School Art teacher overjoyed me
with their presence and shared their stories, journals and
ATC's with me. Gerard creates an ATC each & every day....
He draws these with fine art pencils on 2ply water color
paper & is inspired from his beautiful relationship with
his fiance, Amanda. One day it might be a shopping cart
drawing from their trip to the market. Next time it might
be the calculator they used & the next day it might be
a drawing of her jeep. She has kept each & every one of
his ATC's in 3 separate wooden boxes that she obviously
treasures more than anything. She teaches her high
school art students, among other things,
altered books and he teaches photo shop
at Barton College which includes transferring the process
into journals. Both of them have done such amazing work
as you can see from her journal pages.
I could not help but be inspired by all that they
shared with me... including their loving
relationship...aaahhhhhhh. I think I might have
encouraged him to do a blog of his ATC's so I will
keep you posted on that. They are incredible & Amanda is sure
that his work will be published some day and I think that
she might be right.Be sure to check out his web site.

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