Thursday, March 06, 2008

Have you seen it?

A mysterious shelf, attached to a telephone pole,
right here on Main Street in Saluda has found it's
resting spot. Some call it a shrine, an altar, a drop
spot or work of art waiting to be.
From what I hear, people are visiting and dropping
off all sorts of "personal treasures" on this shelf.
Some may choose to "take" from it instead of
giving, but that too is part of the universal process ---
to add, to subtract --- to give---to take----
to create. Let's just observe and see what happens.


  1. Hi Jane- Looks like I definitely need to get to Saluda again, just to photograph this and drop something off. I guess we kind of forgot about our ATC swap! Let me know, and I can send you 1 or 3.
    Indiana (aka frozen tundra)

  2. Hey Gina
    Yes, you need a trip to Saluda. It is definitely NOT frozen. Daffodils are blooming along with crocus and spirea.
    Let's trade an ATC. Mail it on girl!
    Isn't this shelf an interesting project?