Saturday, December 06, 2008

The GIVE-A-WAY continues...

Win a journal from a national
manufacturer of art supplies!!!

Do you Doodle?
Do you do all of the above?
Read on to win. . .

You still have the opportunity
to leave a comment on why you journal, what you journal, when you journal etc etc etc. .Why do this? Simply because you might win a brand new hard cover journal from us.
Journal page found here

Here's another one....
We are doing some market research for an international corporation/ manufacturer of art supplies and THEY want to know what we think of their new product.

So, in order to do that we are going to offer 2 journals to 2 lucky winners who respond.
We will do a general drawing, picking 2 names out of the "proverbial bag".
Here is the plan. . .
Comment on our blog why you like to journal, what inspires you to journal, what books you
have read to energize and inspire you and what changes journaling has made in your life.
You have until Dec. 10th to comment on this "call for journal keepers"

This one is mine... I love this one with the white pen, the stamped roof, the black border.


  1. Great idea!! I love to collect research, sketches, photos on topics or imagery that I like - I then find themes or patterns that I use in projects. Next year I am planning to journal on color themes - one color per month!

    janet lasher

  2. i have journaled for many is the place i work out new ideas, design and dream, and record moments of my favorite journal has divided pages - the top half blank for art, drawing, attaching things and the bottom half lined for writing...i keep a prayer journal and a life/art journal...i also have blogs that are my electronic journals...journaling is a purely selfish endeavor...time just for me to be alone wiht my thoughts and my creativity...i do it for me, not to share or display, and rarely do i share them with others...last year (2007) i drew a face each day in my journal to help me with my drawing worked, 365 days of drawing improves your eye and your hand...the drawing improved dramatically over the course of the year...thank you jane for asking this...i think it has inspired a blog post for me too...hugs, rebecca

  3. I told Cre8tiva, that I'm not much of journaler, then as I looked at the journals I saw I was much more of a journaler than I thought. I do a prayer journal, a devotional journal and I started an art journal, but it is DOA because of neglect. So, that is quite a bit. I learn a lot with my devotional journal and I pray a lot for a lot of different people, so journaling is a good way for me to keep track of what is going on and who needs prayer.

  4. Vicki Dury3:29 PM

    I love to journal!

    My favorite type of journal to keep is a sketchbook/art journal of daily life. At a given moment in a day I can draw/sketch/paint what part of life in front of me.

    Recently I looked back at some sketches. One was of a cordless phone from years ago. If I remember correctly it was the first one in our household. There isnt anything especially profound about the phone. It was merely an electronic device that helped deliver information. The sketch though helped evoke memories of a different time and place.

    Thats what I so enjoy about journaling...they capture life!

  5. I have journaled since I was a very,very young girl.It has taken me throguh a lot of tough times. I do a kind of "self talk" with myself in my journal. I write about things that have happened...things that could happen...things that didn't happen. I work through my problems, I celebrate my successes. Like Vicki I capture my life! I doodle, draw, paint, sketch...I like the books that lie flat, have thicker paper so I can use wet media if I prefer and love pages with some lines and some open areas. I love to hand paint the pages before I begin using them. I also hate to write on the last page...and the first.

  6. the bulk of my current journaling consists of ideas and sketches for projects I'd like to make. lots of lists, diagrams, instructions and measurements

  7. I’ve kept a sketchbook-journal since I was very young. I never go anywhere without one. I use it to catch my ideas, so when I have time I can develop and work on them. I use it for drawing and illustrating, writing my thoughts, and keeping lots of lists. Keeping a Journal/sketchbook is also a crucial component of my job; I sketch out my ideas and designs first before I do any work on the computer, and I keep a written account of the creative process. I journal/sketch at different times, but mostly before I go to bed. Journaling helps keep my mind clear and keeps me somewhat organized. (Seeing as I am writing this at the last minute shows the organization thing isn’t working all that well) It also is very important to keeping my creativity flowing.
    Inspiring books that reenergize me are The Art Spirit by Robert Henri, The Courage to Create by Rollo May, The Artist’s Way series by Julia Cameron and the Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides. I love books on creativity and own a lot of them, but these are my favorites.