Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's a Give-a-way

Do you journal, sketch, draw, watercolor,
paint or just plain doodle?

We are doing some market research for an international corporation/ manufacturer of art supplies and THEY want to know what we think of their new product.
So, in order to do that we are going to offer 2 journals to 2 lucky winners who respond.
We will do a general drawing, picking 2 names out of the "proverbial bag".
Here is the plan. . .
Comment on our blog why you like to journal, what inspires you to journal, what books you
have read to energize and inspire you and what changes journaling has made in your life.
You have until Dec. 10th to comment on this "call for journal keepers".
( I found this interesting journal page by

There is one rule, and one rule only if you are the lucky winners:
After you do your daily journaling/sketching/etc
in this journal, you are going to complete the questionnaire that is included in the journal
The manufacturer wants your feedback on what you think of their product. If you are willing to
do this then this is the right project for you.

Want to try some "online" doodling?

It's time to comment on your personal journaling experience and
win a Free hardcover unlined journal.

Comment now . . .


  1. I've kept a journal since I was little...not only does it document my existence but it also helps to keep me sane. I am a journal nut. I also have been teaching journaling/bookbinding/collage type classes for over 10 years now and I am a firm believer in the benefits of art and art journaling!

    The BEST book on journaling right now is Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life. Purely Brilliant.

    The changes that journaling has made to my life-um, it keeps me sane! Seriously, it is like prayer or meditation. It's my "happy place" that I go to on a daily basis. My journal is my little desert oasis of pure joy...regardless of what I'm journaling about. It's MY art time.

    Thanks for doing this!

  2. Cindy Trobaugh5:25 AM

    My journaling experience is pretty sporadic. I really get into it for a while and then I will quit for a longer while. I probaly like to stay too objective to myself.

  3. I'm always looking for the perfect journal - one that lets me draw, paint with WC crayons and glue without getting all wrinkly or starts out too wimpy, and yet lets me write easily with various kinds of pens and markers. So far, I've not found a winner - maybe this will be it!


  4. hello my pretty...
    I've kept a journal since I was 13... written, though I found some with watercolors in them - guess I blocked that part. I have so many books on writing and journaling... Bird by Bird - Ann Lamott may be my favorite, along with Escaping into the Open, signed and handed to me by Elizabeth Berg; Julia Cameron's books are amazing, of course, and the classics - Eudora Welty. Writing to Save Your Life by Michele Weldon is another great. OK, won't go on forever. Life is what inspires me to journal, as in, not imploding.
    It's as vital to me as breathing (and wholey paper:)
    love ya,

  5. Karen9:24 AM

    Journaling helps to define my ideas. Usually have too many to act on, so turning to a blank page is like starting the day over - a second chance. All new products get tested there. Whatever I just bought gets a play page. Julie Cameron's book is very good for inspriation.

  6. I do different sorts of journaling for different purposes....I have an idea journal...snippets of colors, textures or things that inspire creative ideas....
    I have a doodle diary in which I simply let go and make something then write what it is like to BE that creation....this gets me to what is inside me that I don't know that I know.... sort of the wise soul in there that waits in the wings until I remember I have her.
    I have about 9 different journals ...none of them completed... that have parts of my life over the past 35 years when I first began creative journaling. I just pick one up one of the "non-idea" journals and use it....usually after reading what I had entered lo those many years ago.... and continue on in my life. Feels quirky and stumbly and somehow right to do it this way.....

  7. As a kid i had a diary-my first "journals" so to speak. The first yr i attended artfest-i began to "officially" journal. I love my journals-don't do it everyday, but the process of painting the pages, adding some words/pictures/art just help my sanity. If i don't have time to do big art, just painting a page in my journal makes me happy. right now i am reading LK Ludwig's true vision~

  8. i have been wanting to journal and have made several and start one... then slack off, so now i have made pa promise to do a gratitude journal daily, i like to carry it with me...i an inspired by nina bagley and misty mawn...sometimes the pictures speak louder than the words, so i love to collage and mix it up with words !
    thanksfor listening to my

  9. I've always journaled in a written form. I have boxes and boxes of "blank book" journals. And you KNOW that I have ALL the important books 'cause I've bought 'em from you ...BUT!!! until I met Katie Kendrick last year and saw her huge art journal, I didn't know how much something like this could mean to me. There is something about putting those images that float around in your brain down on paper while you write your thoughts around them that just blows my mind. It's so much easier to get those bothersome things out when there's a colored page just waiting for something to happen to it.


  10. I just started journaling.. after reading Life is a verb by Patti Digh...
    Turning 50 made me realize I'm not going to live forever.. and I still have a lot to say. Any therapist will tell you that in order to achieve a goal or dream you must write it down. While my decisions have not always been the right choices... by documenting it I make sure I don't make them again. Maybe my grand children will learn something from my journals if not they at last will have a good laugh!

  11. I used to keep diaries from junior high through college, but then quit for years except for occasional bouts of journaling usually on vacation. It just didn't seem like I had anything to say, or I'd tear out the pages because what I'd written on them was dumb. Then I got into the idea of art journaling this year, and it has really struck a chord. Suddenly I'm writing and by combining visual imagery, it has taken my happiness with my art to a new level. I have loved my journal pages more than anything else I've done in the last four years of altered art. I have found LK Ludwig's book very inspirational, and Sarah Whitmire, Traci Bonkers, Juliana Coles, and Teesha Moore's blogs are great. I am also in search of the perfect journal book!

  12. I've kept a diary/journal/sketchbook since 1967 and I have all of them still...except one. The first four were kept in little diaries with locks. I forced myself to write every night. Although most of those pages were filled with entries like "What a night! I'll never forget it!" (Of course, I have) reading them over brings back more and other memories and, probably more significant, the emotions and reality of that Long Island teenager. In college, I broke out into larger books and wrote when and how I felt. I can't live without a journal. Well into my life, sometime in the 1990s when I'd earned an MFA in Creative Writing, I started drawing just to see if there were similarities between writing and drawing. I think I was tired of all the words and so many pages. A drawing gives you the answer on one page...much easier to read. Now I'm visually literate and it's fascinating.
    My old journals really do take up a lot of space in my small condo but while I can pack up some, i can't get rid of them How could I? Now I buy four identical books for the year and keep to those. Of course, there's plenty of other paper to play with and book structures to learn and make. I do keep a separate art project journal that I use whenever taking a new class. Phew.
    I could go on...