Sunday, December 06, 2009

observations in San Jose

The "city center" is amass with locals purchasing
goods such as herbs, spices, fruit, vegetables,
cd's (?) nuts, and a menagerie of
assorted off shore items.
The Mercado Central sells fresh cut
meats hung in stalls, along with
local fish, shrimp and other items
unknown to me.
It's a place not to go on the weekend, especially
before Christmas, which is a really
big celebration.

Observing the colors of the goods,
and the arrangement that perhaps is created
each and every day for shopping.
All the steel shutters and blinds come
down on stores that are not open
and are secured until the next shopping day.
In some neighborhoods, one does not even
know that the store would exist
until you see the window display or the
steel gates open during shop hours.

Plastic bags are a problem here and there doesn't
seem to be a bit of recycling at all. at least I have not seen it.
They say it but I don't see it.
There are 2 things here that I see to be the biggest issue
and that is plastic and brush.
Plastic is strewn everywhere and not picked up
and because of the amount of vegetation, it is always
laying somewhere in piles along the street,
in vacant lots, etc.

A photo essay will follow when I share my observations
on the "holes" in the sidewalks and the 18" curbs deep enough
and wide enough to cause considerable damage to one's limbs.

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