Monday, December 14, 2009

The sign is gone....

What a weird feeling it is to see that the finalization of Random Arts, had become a reality, when the sign came down last night. Only 5 little bolts holding it up - big and strong for all those years. Our little oasis of creativity in the mountains has come and gone.

Although I am sounding somewhat bittersweet about this, I am relishing in the excitement of what's to come. You all know how much I love doing the shows and after the first show in Sanford, I will be going on a "ribbon buying" trip to Atlanta, to seek out some new and exciting products for the next show in Statesville.

So, as you see, I am "happily" moving on to the next page in my book.
Anyone care to write a page/comment in the Random Arts book.....


  1. Jane - you and your shop have changed my life so much the last coupla years. I can't begin to express teh joy, creativity and love that you have infused into my life. I'm looking forward to joining in this next phase of random creativeness and such...

  2. Jane, your store was a hidden treasure in the mountains of NC and although it is closed it will never truly be gone. It will always be in our hearts. I wish you much joy and success in your new venture and hope to visit some day again!

  3. WOW! I'm so sad about your store closing. I have never been to NC and had your shop on my wish list of places to visit. I hope you will share your next journey with us out in the blogsphere.

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I am not sure why I should feel bereft at the thought of your shop not being there. It has something to do with the discovery of art forms and materials that were unobtainable over here a few years back. I wish you joy and success in whatever your next venture is to be, and thank you for the pleasure I have gained from learning about Saluda; internet searches area miracle of cyberspace. Please keep posting Ann from England (UK)

  5. Jane:
    You're my hero! YOu have always been an inspiration to me and others as you follow your dreams. It's been a pleasure to wander into your store and get lost in my own dreams of creativity. I'm glad for you and look forward to the next chapter in your book of life and what it will bring to all you inspire! Lots of hugs! Debbie Neese

  6. Dear Jane:

    WOW -- on to the next phase and I know only fabulous adventures await. Will be sad when I see the sign no longer there when I come up after Christmas but I feel certain your creative impact on my life is not over!

    xoox Lea in Miami