Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fragments to Art in one day

Enthusiasm for creating this project
with Carol Sloan leading the way
was in abundance.
Above Vivian Williams works with
photos that she plans to use to complete her wall hanging.

Calligrapher, Catherine Langsdorf
goes outside the proverbial box
as she gathers and places her
well thought out collection of memories.

Joanna Shumaker, from Columbia, SC
works on vision boards and she
was quite comfortable working
on her artifact and fragment wall hanging.

Dayna Guido chose her Greek heritage
as the theme of her wall hanging
bringing in personal items from her family.

Here, some of the group get started with
"just a few items" to choose from.
Thank you Carol Sloan for such a fabulous class
and wonderful inspiration and instruction.
Carol does a very cool blog with
alot of pics of her own work including
the bluebird projects that she brought along to show us.
Check out her blog!

Last but not least, I completed a small
wall piece in Carol's class as well.
I only used one box of random items,
including Sari Ribbon, Ink jet photo transfers, vintage
measuring tape, Chenille ribbon, Cuff ribbon, and
vintage buttons & bits.
All these items were combined together in those little
blocks that we "had" to hand sew with a
needle and thread.... Carol said so

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