Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Saluda to Raleigh and back again...

The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild
Event took place this past Sunday
in Raleigh where I taught the
ever famous
Woven Book Class.

17 books, 17 different women and
17 creative personalities.
Each woven book was unique
with a variety of colors, fabrics, & designs.

Those girls in Raleigh really know how to
throw a party!
Not only did we have an amazing place to
hold our class, but we had
more treats and goodies than
I could ever imagine.

Not to mention the happy faces when
their Woven Books were completed.
And those smiles are real.... sincere.... and genuine.....
Thank you Toni for having
a great time and getting over Sewing Machine Phobia.

A simple button sewn on to the cover
completed this woven book.

I loved these orangy/rusty colors when
I saw the strips and the finished
was even more awesome.

Some people started with nice straight,
even, measured strips.
Some started with torn strips in all
different sizes and lengths.
Was there a right way?
No, not at all.

Each and every book was a work of art
and besides that, we all had a good
time and everyone went home with
a completed journal.
Thanks to the entire guild for hosting
me and creating such a welcome environment.

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  1. How fun! I wish I could have come to your class Jane! I belong to the CMMAG, too. They've all raved about your class since it was held making me green with envy that i had to miss it.