Thursday, February 02, 2012

Encaustics at Random Arts

Mary Powers created this
encaustic piece in the
workshop with Trish Baldwin.
I just love the colors, design and composition.

Sandra Macklin used a photo transfer technique
to create this encaustic piece.
I especially love the simplicity
and the contrast of colors.

Robbie Decker from Michigan,
attended the encaustic workshop
and created several great pieces.

Rusty Bits seemed to be the most popular
items that were used in the encaustic
art work today. Ribbons, felt and
wholey paper have been rusted,
and packaged especially for this class.
A favorite of Trish Baldwin.

As we started this workshop the pots
of encaustic medium and luscious colors
were full and ready to go.


  1. Looks like so much fun ... I've got to plan a trip your direction again.

    1. There are more great workshops on the calendar from now until the first of July. Please try and make a little trip to Saluda to attend one of them. Fun place to be and thanks for stopping by my blog.