Monday, February 27, 2012

Without Rules. . .

From day one I have always said
"there are no rules" and I can
honestly say that with this
"new" art form, it still holds true.

I can pretty much do anything that I want on
a journal page and be happy with it.
No one is judging me or telling me that
it's done incorrectly.

It could also be called "adventure art" because
each page is an adventure or exploration into
the unknown. I certainly do not know where
each page is taking me, nor do I know where I will
end up when I am finished.
Most times, I am not sure if I am finished with
a page as it could be incomplete for days,
weeks, or months until some other inspiration
pops into my artistic mind.

It may need more words, like this page, or more lines
or more color. This may not happen until the flowers
start blooming in my own back yard before I get
inspired. I may see a journal page from
someone else and be inspired just like the one above, that
I created.... in several stages.
Marianne VanWingerden

showed me some of her beautiful pages that she
did with washes of watercolor, outlined flowers & little details.
After seeing her work, I was on my way.

This page... not done... yet... maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    So true ... I have learned to do what I feel like doing when I sit down. If I want to write my day, then I will use one of my pages that have room ... or if I want to try a new technique or just start fresh with lots of color, I flip to a blank page. My journal is my haven!
    I hope to see you when you have the 'yard sale' and art festival!