Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rusty Bits...

Don't you just love rust?
And why is it that
rust is so awesome?

This piece above is the inside of some rusty circles
that are from a die cut that I did with rusted wholey paper.

A length of natural twill was coated with my
iron product, then dried and then a solution of
instant rust was added. Love it!

This is probably one of my favorites and it
started out as white leaf ribbon, probably a poly
blend type ribbon. It is easily dyed but I thought
that it would be amazing if it was rusted. Trish Baldwin
bought some of this ribbon from me in Ohio a couple
of years ago at Artiscape and rusted it too and used
it in her Encuastic Mixed Media book along with
some of my Wholey Paper.

Another item that I have sold in the shop is a
lace eyelet tape in a natural color. Again, after
a coating with the iron, dry time and a
coating with instant rust.... Voila! it's rusted!

I bought several spools of 2 different widths of
this once white felt die cut floral ribbon. One is
1-1/2" wide and the other is about 2-1/2".
The iron coating adheres really well to this felt
and it becomes stiffer after the rust is applied.
So cool.... This too was used in Trish's Encaustic
Mixed Media Book.
I've put all these rusty bits together in a 3 x 10 glassine pack
available for $4.95. Each one is different but you can view at least 10
of these on my Etsy site. Random Arts.
Thanks for looking
Rusting is so fascinating especially when you can
attach a magnet to it when it's complete and see it
stay right there on your fabric, or paper or cardboard.


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I love your rusty bits! My fav is the leaf ribbon too.

    1. Thanks Melanie, it is pretty amazing stuff.