Monday, December 04, 2006

I have gotten some awesome inspiration recently and have put it to great use, as well. As you know, I am always getting new books in here at the shop and I try to look through each one of them and grasp onto something that "grabs" me. Last week, Bernie Berlin's new book, ARTIST TRADING CARD WORKSHOP really caught my attention. So, it has been by my side ever since. Bernie's dedication in the front of her book, says it all. She hopes this book inspires those who love art, to create art, to embrace every part of the process and to share a part of themselves with the world.
From the time I picked up the book I began to experiment with all of her fascinating techniques. She has organized each technique onto a 2 page spread with a step by step illustration and lots of samples. My first choice was to gesso magazine pages and then outline specific areas with my favorite tool, the black glaze pen. Very dramatic and just the right thing to do when you don't have to work with "rules". Just do it!
Thanks Bernie for getting me going and doing what I love. Visit Bernie's web site:
I have been thinking that we will need to get a group together over the winter and try out some of these techniques and then plan to trade our ATC's with each other. Sounds like fun, huh?

On another topic, our warm fall days have ended as of today. Cold, cold 21 degrees here in the mountains with roaring winds that are blowing my 10 foot tall pampass grass round and round. I always know when the wind is strong because the chimes on the front porch bounce about happily chatting with each other and sometimes keeping me up at night. These windchimes have been collected over the years and some of my favorite ones have come from a place in Arizona. Arcosanti is an interesting commune type community that merges architecture and environment along with work and play. Paolo Soleri is the founder of the concept, arcology. Men and women come from all over the world to participate. In exchange for the learning experience they work in the gardens, maintain the grounds, cook meals, and make these awesome bronze wind chimes/bells and garden pots from caliche. It is definitely worth a trip north of Scottsdale, AZ to experience this amazing space. Visit them at:

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